The Coolest Wii Controllers

One thing the Wii certainly has over its rivals is a fantastic range of peripherals that can really enhance playing games on the console.

While most of you probably already have a Balance Board for the likes of Wii Fit and perhaps even a Wii Zapper to aid your shooting in games such as Link’s Crossbow Training, there are plenty of other accessories you can pick up to spice up Wii gameplay.


PC Mag has compiled a fun guide to ‘The 10 Coolest Wii Controllers’ for anyone who’s not sure what we’re going on about.

Take for example the Wii Surgical Kit, compatible with the Trauma Center: Second Opinion game, which provides you with all the tools a doctor needs to get to work on saving patients.

Or perhaps you’re a big Samba De Amigo fan who wants to fit their Wii remote and Nunchuk into a pair of maracas to celebrate a big fiesta in style, or a Star Wars obsessive that just has to have a pair of glowing light sabers to take into Jedi battles.

Whatever your tastes, there’s probably something for everyone when it comes to Wii controller peripherals.

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