Nintendo 3DS Ice White

Ice White Nintendo 3DS



Included in the Nintendo 3DS box:

• Ice White Nintendo 3DS system
• Nintendo 3DS charging cradle
• Nintendo 3DS AC adapter
• Nintendo 3DS stylus
• SD Memory Card (2GB)
• AR Card(s) (view the cards using the outer cameras to play supported AR games)
• Quick-Start Guide
• Operations Manual (including warranty)

OMG I can not believe how amazing the Nintendo 3DS actually is!!! I recently got into the gaming world after a very long break!!! First I bought a game boy advance SP – loved that and got a few games and had a good old blast with it and got it very cheaply – so then I was intrigued by the DS Lite – bought one of these fairly cheaply and got a few games for this also and really enjoyed it – but then i really wanted to check out the 3DS – so did so in a retailer – and LOVED IT!!!!!
The 3D is fantastic – absolutely mind blowing on 3D Mario Land – what a game – i love it and keep having a go every night – discovering new worlds all the time! To start with I found the 3D quite hard to look at cos if you move slightly you get a blurred image – you just have to find your own range with it and once you do its fine – no probs. I think its a lot easier if you have the 3DS on a flat surface in front onf you (as though you were using a laptop) as this is much easier to control the 3D view than having it in your hands…..just my opinion.
Mr L.S. Jameson

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