Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect Console – Limited Edition


If you like Star Wars then this limited edition Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect bundle is going to leave you drooling!

Gasp at the custom R2-D2 themed Xbox 360 console with custom sounds when you power up the console or eject the disc tray!

Stare in astonishment at the secret message printed inside the disc tray!

Marvel at the gold C-3PO insprired wireless Xbox 360 controller!

Smirk at the fact you are one of the very few to own the first ever custom white Kinect sensor!

Then roll around, hysterically laughing, shouting “Love me you will!” at your new limited edition Xbox.

Its what we’re going to do, so we expect everyone else will be doing exactly the same.

And no, it’s not a weird thing to do.

It comes with two games so you can get playing immediately – Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with some serious Jedi action full-body gameplay on Kinect Star Wars.

Oh, we forgot to mention, this has a whopping 320GB harddrive – the largest hard drive available to date.

Told you you’d be drooling!

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