Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor: Includes Kinect Adventures


The Wii introduced us to motion gaming, then the PS3 bought out their own version with the Playstation Move, and then there was the Kinect – the ultimate in motion gaming!

Your body is the controller. There is no need to use any kind of handheld remote as the special RGB camera and depth sensor read your every move and allow the Kinect to see in ‘3D’, which helps enable facial recognition too.

The four inbuilt microphones supports speaker voice recognition which means you are able to control your Xbox console, as well as chat to other players when playing a game, or when using Video Kinect.

NB: Before you buy a Kinect, ensure you do have the space to play or this will seriously hamper your enjoyment. You need a space of 2m by 2m to play comfortably in. If you want it to recognise two players standing side by side then you need to be stood at least 3m away from the sensor.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor Review

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