The Body Test

Don’t worry there’s not a needle or a stethoscope in sight!

The Body Test represents your first step into all things Wii Fit and once completed it will provide you with a reference point and character you can refer to each time you play.

Your first step is to choose your Mii (you’ve probably already got one created) and step onto the Wii Fit Balance Board to discover your centre of balance, BMI (Body Mass Index) and body control.


Determining your centre of balance is the first port of call for the Wii Fit Body Test, it’s simple to do, just stand upon the Nintendo Balance Board Body Test with your feet spread equally apart and Wii Fit will do the rest. It discovers your centre of balance, this is important as poor balance can result in bad posture due to having weight unevenly distributed throughout your body.
Once completed you will also know your BMI.


Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is simply this:
Your body weight divided by the square of your height. Other factors are taken into account such as the weight of your clothes and suchlike once determined your BMI result will be described as either Underweight/Normal/Overweight or Obese. You can take a look at your actual weight at this point if you desire, (and even better you can protect this info with a PIN number if you are a little shy).


Once your BMI has been worked out it’s time to examine your body control, there is two randomly chosen tests, simply follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be given your Wii Fit Age. Don’t be too upset if it’s older than you’d think (mine was), it’s just an indicator as to your present level of fitness.


Your actual age and the results of the balance test help to determine your Wii Fit age, if you feel a little insulted by the result the beauty is you can always improve it the next time you play.


Like any real exercise programme you need to keep an accurate record of your progress, Wii Fit allows you to stamp a calendar once your body test is complete, it’s a starting point and a reference for all future body tests as you hopefully see the results improve, you can also set yourself a BMI goal so you have something to aim towards.

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