Wii Fit Training

Once you have completed the Body Test you can move on to the actual Training aspect of the Wii Fit Plus.
There are over 40 different activities available to you on Nintendo’s Wii Fit and they are spread over four key areas, Yoga, Balance Games, Strength Training and Aerobics:


Yoga allows you to improve your posture taking your cues from the realistic training from the on screen instructor, there are many different poses to master and you will receive constant guidance and comments on your performance throughout the exercises.


A popular place to start for those new to Wii Fit, possibly because it doesn’t even feel like exercise (at first!)
Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump and Table tilt are all subtle methods of improving your balance in a fun, graphically impressive manner.

Be warned the table tilt is tricky!


Strength training sounds painful and whilst there is still some truth in the phrase “no pain no gain” (even in the friendly colourful world of Wii Fit) it is always at a pace that suits you.

You can choose from a wide range of exercises including Single Leg Extensions/Torso Twists/Push Up and Side Planks/Jack Knife and Lunge it’s a great way to build and tone your muscles (even if you think you haven’t got any!).

Plus you will receive constant guidance and encouragement from the on screen instructor, who also offers advice on breathing and pacing yourself. You can also choose the gender of your instructor.


This is the area of training which can reduce your BMI (Body Mass Index) if you feel it is a tad on the high side. This is all about toning your body whilst keeping the fun factor high, it’s another popular area of Wii Fit, you can put the Wii- remote into your pocket and take a jog around ‘Wiffity’ Island, try your luck with a Hula Hoop or if you fancy a quick session of step exercises.

The focus is on fun and as ever the results are always noted as the Wii Fit tracks your progress.

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